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🎸 P2P Newsletter #102

P2P Newsletter #102

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Easier Navigation

We have been working on streamlining the navigation menus to make P2P's unique village system clearer and easier to navigate. This will be live from today . . .

'What Is It?' and 'How To Use It?' videos

Don't forget that at the top of Lessons page you will find the 'What Is It?' and 'How To Use It?' videos. Check out these videos to make sure you're getting the most from Practisin2Play. It's easy when you know how! If you have any questions at all, you can see what other members are discussing in the Rest or Rant. You can also check out FAQ's or get in touch via the P2P Helpdesk in the Help menu. 
The process of practice is crucial in our development. 'How do I practise?' is a very common, and very important question. Practisin2Play provides a fantastic opportunity to make real progress. Check out the message from Mike for more thoughts on practise . . .
Mike demonstrating getting inside the Dorian mode in the Drill House > Mode Drill Room

From Mike Walker's desk


Mike is all set to conduct a week long masterclass with The Impossible Gentlemen (Gwilym Simcock, Adam Nussbaum, Steve Rodby) in Sligo, Ireland. Also teaching will be Ernie Watts, Chuck Rainey (Steely Dan) and John Goldsby. What a fantastic teaching faculty! 


Mike is also about to embark on a short series of duo concerts with pianist Gwilym Simcock. You can find details here.

Enjoy your practise!

The Practisin2Play Team
Mike Walker, Larry Carlton, Nathan East, Bob James, Harvey Mason - Mike was in a wheelchair after a hit and run…. 
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