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Steve Rodby - Bassist with Pat Metheny Group, The Impossible Gentlemen, etc. Grammy winning producer.

‘‘ Mike is the real deal, and Mike is the whole deal. I love me some guitar … I've spent my life playing with guitar players and the bar gets set pretty high around here. There's the soloists, the rhythm players, the sound smiths, the chops guys and the feel meisters, and Mike's got it all going on. He's such a joy to make music with. I've been the lucky recipient of his wisdom and encouragement both on and off the bandstand. We recently did some clinics together and I was so impressed … his teaching is just like his playing; tons of experience and preparation, all in the service of making something new, in the moment, every time. ’’
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Steve Swallow: Composer/Bassist for John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Stan Getz, etc.

‘‘ Mike Walker is a passionate, impulsive player; his solos careen down uncharted byways at breakneck speed. You might think you'd do better to study with someone methodical and deliberate. But here's the paradox: Mike got to the remarkable place he's at by meticulous and careful study. He knows as much about playing music on a stringed instrument as anybody I know, and he can articulate what he's learned with wit and wisdom. He is insatiably curious. Like any great teacher, he'll be learning alongside you; you'll both be better musicians in the end. As he says now and then, go for it ’’
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David Torn - Grammy Award winning Guitarist/Composer/Producer.

‘‘ Mike is an impossible gentlemen, and such a great musician & guitarist.....his course could really edify & expand many, many, many players. ’’
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Pete Churchill - Head of Jazz Composition - Royal Academy Of Music , London.

‘‘ I have known Mike Walker a long time. However, I knew of him and had marvelled at his playing long before I finally got the chance to meet him. I was also well aware of his reputation as an inspiring teacher through a number of fine young guitarists who acknowledged Mike as a major influence. As Head of Jazz Composition at the Royal Academy of Music it has been an absolute pleasure finally for me to witness Mike's teaching at first hand. Amongst other things, I run a PostGrad Composers' ensemble and Mike, as a visiting artist, has on several occasions come into rehearsals to listen and give advice to the young composers. Each visit has been tremendously rewarding for the students. Mike brings a depth of experience to this music which is rare and his ability to communicate fresh ideas and inspire every musician to play beyond themselves is remarkable. The ripples of excitement that spread from each session last long after he has gone. ’’

John Parricelli: Guitarist and Guitar Teacher at Royal Academy of Music, London.

‘‘ Exciting, dynamic, a true improviser. Mike Walker is a musician who captures your attention and won't let it go. An exceptional guitarist. ’’

Adam Nussbaum.... Drummer for Michael Brecker, Mike Stern, John Abercrombie and John Scofield.

‘‘ "Mike Walker has it covered.... He's one of my favorite musicians. An incredible guitarist he has all the elements I admire in balance. A great feel, wonderful lines, beautiful harmony, fantastic sound .... everything. He can go in so many directions in an honest and natural way. He's way in there. I love playing with him. He's the real deal. One of the greats!!!!!!" - Adam Nussbaum ’’
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John Wheatcroft: Session Guitarist and Head of Guitar at Tech Music School, London. Regular contributor to Guitar Techniques and Guitarist Magazines.

‘‘ Simply put, Mike Walker is amazing His compositions are superb, his playing connects the chain of tradition with unique and original forward thinking and his commitment to music education is both immensely inspirational and hugely valuable. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm a massive fan. ’’
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John Etheridge: Guitarist/Composer for Soft Machine, Stéphane Grappelli, etc.

‘‘ Mike is an extraordinary musician and has been for decades one of my favourite guitar players. Finally he is getting the international recognition he deserves... ’’
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Nick Smart: Head of Jazz at the Royal Academy of Music, London. Winner of the Parliamentary Award for Jazz Education.

‘‘ One of our greatest musical treasures, Mike Walker is recognised internationally for his soaring, fluid playing. Working with him you come to realise it's like he is made of music; whether he's playing, composing, teaching or hanging out, it just seems to come out in everything he says and does - this is why he fills such a unique place in the community of musicians who revere him so much. ’’
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Stuart McCallum - Teacher - Guitarist With Cinematic Orchestra.

‘‘ Mike's sincere and humble love of music and his genuine desire to help and teach other people makes him a fantastic musician and teacher. The lessons I had with Mike were invaluable in giving my practice a focus and direction. I still use the general practice structure and techniques that Mike taught me, and I try and pass on a similar sense of discipline, fun, and a modest respect for music, to my students. Playing with Mike in our acoustic guitar duo is always a lot of fun. His ability to make beautiful music, full of a sense of danger and surprise, is always an inspiration to interact with. ’’

Steve Berry, Bass Player, Founder member of Loose Tubes, Composer, Educator.

‘‘ Mike Walker is a unique musician. Meeting and hearing him (way back in 1989) I was immediately transfixed. Most people are. If I had to try and 'explain' it to someone, I'd say: Take the essences of a story teller, a magician, a guitarist, a philosopher and a wide-eyed child. Shake them all together and pour the heady brew into the unfeasibly healthy and hearty frame of a Salford lumberjack. The resulting creature will immediately pick up a guitar and proceed to make you swoon, chuckle, and wipe away the odd tear or two. He will then politely request a good strong cup of tea. I've been moved time and again by Mike's playing, and benefited many times from his wit and wisdom. The wonderful new website should spread his unique insights to benefit ever more souls, seeking to learn and reveal the mysteries and wonder of music-making. ’’

Nikki Iles: Pianist - Composer - Educator

‘‘ I have been very fortunate to have known Mike as a friend and to have played music with him for so many years in all sorts of groups. Without any doubt he is a world-class player with a powerful understanding of the emotion and the essence that lie at the heart of the music. I have learnt more from Mike than anyone about honesty and the importance of creating the right environment to be free to express yourself (sometimes easier said than done!). He positively encourages you to take a roller coaster ride with him - with the reassurance that he’s with you wherever you want to go… often taking the music to another level. This is indicative of his generous nature and not surprisingly, makes him an incredibly perceptive and inspiring teacher. In a world of information overload Mike’s approach to teaching is refreshing, treating each student as an individual with very individual needs. ’’

Norma Winstone MBE: Jazz Vocalist, ECM recording artist and Grammy Award nominee.

‘‘ I love any occasion when I get to sing with Mike. He plays with a passion and warmth and is a great communicator. These qualities along with his empathy make him a wonderful teacher. ’’
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