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About us:

Elwin and I first met during 2008 when he inquired about available places on a guitar workshop I run in Andalusia, Spain.

I do a 2 week course there in Summer. The first week is for Beginner /Intermediate and the second week Intermediate/Advanced. Elwin wasn't sure which one he should attend and asked me to assess him before choosing the appropriate week.

A few weeks later, he made the four hour journey from London to Manchester and I assessed him over an hour, checking out his fretboard knowledge, theory, technique, improvisation skills, etc.

I remember him telling me that, for the first time, someone had made him aware of the countless hours he had wasted over the years 'going from teacher to teacher, book to book, website to website, holy grail to holy grail' to find himself roughly in the same place he was near the beginning of his journey.

This new direction was its own motivation and it was this motivation that persuaded him to call me and say, 'This method should be taught globally and I have an idea as to how we can provide it'.

So, we founded Practisin2Play.