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P2P Team:

Elwin Pietrez

Elwin Pietersz (Co-founder)

Elwin is a co-founder and leads the team at Practin2Play. He also provides technical expertise in designing, developing and maintaining IT infrastructure services. Read More About Elwin

Mike Walker

Mike Walker (Co-founder)

Mike is a co-founder and the main tutor of Practisin2Play. He has devised the look and feel of the site and is responsible for all the video/lesson content in the village.
More About Mike

Elwin Pietrez

Paul Allen

Paul's main responsibility is to work in conjunction with the tutors, recording all video and audio materials for the village from Practisn2Play Production Studio in Manchester UK. He is the driving force in preparing all the materials for the editors. Read More About Paul

Steve Banks

Steve Banks

Steve joined Practisin2Play in January 2013. His responsibilities include video and audio editing, transcription and site development. Read More About Steve

Elwin Pietrez

Jude Pietersz

Jude is a highly skilled web developer and a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist. Jude is heading the site development team and the IT infrastructure management team. Read More About Jude

Elwin Pietrez

Iryna Pietersz

Iryna joined P2P in Feb 2016. Her key responsibilities are management of the recording studio, video production, marketing, sales and accountancy.