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Ivan Hewett The Telegraph

‘‘ 'He can do anything on a guitar, from percussive finger-picking patterns to ecstatically howling blues solo's.' 'He makes a guitar sound like a guitar, with a wonderful combination of earthly relish and finesse.' ’’.

London Jazz News

‘‘ Walker's playing is one of the greatest joys of British Jazz.. he can lead the listener literally anywhere. There's a capacity to play on the borders of silence and yet with an astonishing range of colour... he never disappoints. ’’.

John Fordham -The Guardian

‘‘ Mike Walker is one of the most powerful jazz guitarists in Europe. ...rare balance of meticulousness, spontaneity, storytelling and tonal bite as a soloist.. ’’.

Stuart Nicholson -Jazzwise Magazine

‘‘ Walker has imagination of enormous sweep.. but also the skill and taste to realise his vision.. ’’.


‘‘ His solo's are models of logic and concision, like the finest sportsmen in the beautiful game.. he always seems to have the time and timing to achieve his ends ’’.

Scottish Arts Council

‘‘ A guitar genius from England. ’’.

Roger Farbey All About Jazz

‘‘ Walker 'flexing' his musical muscles with some fine electric guitar work.. no repetition, no cliches..just sheer brilliance. A damn fine guitarist ’’.

Bebop Spoken Here

‘‘ Walker can be sublime and smooth or rugged and rockfaced... he knows exactly when to go into overdrive.. ’’.

London Jazz News

‘‘ He is a wonderfully fluent soloist.... ’’.

City Life

‘‘ Guitarist Mike Walker is a master of consummately controlled ecstasy ’’.