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‘‘ Practisin2Play is looking amazing . . . it's the best thing I've seen on the web ’’
Pete Sklaroff - Guitarist and former Head of Jazz Studies at Leeds College of Music.
‘‘ Thanks so much to all you guys for what is simply the best resource out there. I'm really loving the lessons and can see real improvements in my playing already after only a week. I'd turned my back on improvisation years ago but your lessons have given me the confidence to play with other musicians again ’’
Joff England - Guitarist and Practisin2Play member
‘‘ Mike is a compass for lost musicians. Practisin2Play represents a milestone in guitar tuition ’’
Fred Lawton – Guitarist and RNCM student
‘‘ I've seen a few guitar tuition websites around and this is easily the best I've come across. I have no doubt that Practisin2Play will improve your playing dramatically. Beautifully presented with concise direction and stunning examples played by Mike himself, Practisin2Play will get your playing to the next level ’’
Jim Faulkner – Guitarist and Lecturer at LIPA
‘‘ Practisin2Play is improving my playing and understanding so much . . . “Catch a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime”. Well Mike, you teach people how to fish! ’’
Brad Edmondson – Guitarist and Practisin2Play member
‘‘ Practisin2Play. Why would anyone go anywhere else . . . ? ’’
Stuart McCallum – Guitarist with the Cinematic Orchestra
‘‘ I've been on a few different sites for guitar and this is by far the best. It's more of an organised approach and definitely brings results as I've found in the short time I've been on here... ’’
Paul Barnes
‘‘ Fantastic resource! This teaching addresses the effective use of practice time and shows the structures you need to have in place in order to progress, in a coherent and intelligent way. ’’
Bruce Pollin
‘‘ I've just signed up to your P2P site - it's utterly compelling! What a Herculean effort it must have been, putting it all together! I decided to begin at the beginning and could tell from the way you grouped the notes as Planetary and Orbital that this was going to prove to be very well worked out. I knew that it would be foolish to skip anything, so I'm currently going through everything in the Foundation House. Anyway, this is to add my voice of thanks for a fabulous site ’’
Pete Oxley - UK Guitarist and Composer
‘‘ Having been taught by many jazz tutors, I can wholeheartedly say that Mike is far and away the very best of them, a sentiment I know many of his other students agree with. Instead of being presented with stacks of abstract theory, you come away from a lesson or workshop having learned how to apply knowledge and actually play something on your instrument. Mike works very hard to address his teaching to a student’s particular needs, all the while facilitating the building of solid musical foundations. His eccentric humour and easy going manner make for very relaxed lessons. Mike is that very rare example of being both a world class musician and a world class educator. ’’
Adrian Stevenson: Guitarist and Guitar Student.
‘‘ I have found Mike so easy to get along with from day one. He is always happy to openly discuss my goals and to help me develop into the musician I want to be. After attending a number of workshops and private lessons I have gathered a large amount of information, which can often seem overwhelming but Mike is always there to point me in the right direction in deciding which areas I should cover and when. I always enjoy my lessons and listening to Mike play. ’’
Charles Macdonald
‘‘ Each time I come away from one of Mike's courses I'm armed with very clear ideas on how to improve my playing; not just theoretically, or technically (although he covers all this), but musically. He gets right to the core of what needs to be done, and reveals step by step approaches to achieving what you want. Seriously recommended. ’’
Tom Vernon: Guitarist and Guitar Teacher.
‘‘ The workshop was the single best learning experience I have ever taken part in. The sessions were tough but extremely focused. I came out with a changed view on music and the guitar. Thanks Mike for the inspiration as always. ’’
Matt Hannam: Guitar Student at Royal Northern College Of Music, London.
‘‘ I went away for four days, and came back with at least ten years work! Mike's teaching style is thorough and encouraging, exploring aspects of music already familiar to most players, but in a level of detail and precision that is rarely explored properly. The results are nothing short of tremendous! ’’
Cameron Skerrow: Guitar Student at the Guild Hall of Music, London.
‘‘ Mike is a genius. Not just a guitar genius - a musical genius. He demonstrated his knowledge and understanding by explaining to all of us in a clear, simple and humorous manner how to approach and develop new and advanced concepts in our playing ’’
Will Havard: Guitarist and Guitar Student.