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General FAQs:

How do I use the site?
Check out the 'What Is It?' and 'How To Use It?' videos on the Lessons page. These short videos explain in detail how to get the best from the site. If you still have any questions you can discuss with other members in the Rest or Rant.
How many video lessons do you offer?
We currently have over 439 videos.
Are the lessons available 24/7?
All video lessons on P2P are available 24/7, 365 days of the year.
Can I print the transcriptions?
Yes - right-click on the image of the transcription and choose 'Download Image' or 'Save Image'. You can then open and print it locally from your computer.
What genres do you cover?
Mike does not teach a specific genre. He teaches a more holistic system based approach which is unique. Having many years of experience in private tutoring, teaching in Colleges and Universities, Mike is especially interested in cultivating a strong framework of parts, that interlink to form a whole.
What type of membership do you provide?
We offer free, monthly, quarterly and annual memberships. Free members have access to 30+ videos with transcriptions. Paid membership have unlimited access to all content 24/7.
How can I save a lesson as a 'Favourite Lesson'?
Click the 'Add To Favourite' button in the top right corner of each lesson. (This will only show if the lesson is not already saved as a favourite). You can then easily access the lesson via 'My Favourite Lessons' which will appear on the left. You can manage your Favourite Lessons in My Profile > My Lessons.
How do I change my password?
You can find a menu item under My Profile named Change Password . Using the form, type your current and new password, and click Change Password button. The system will send you an email confirming the password change.
How do I reset my password if I cannot remember it?
If the password you entered is incorrect, you will see an option in the login screen to reset your password. Enter your username or registered emails address and click the submit button. An email will be sent to the registered email address with an auto generated password. Please make sure you change your password after the first login attempt.
My user account was locked, how do I unlock it?
For security reasons, after 5 attempts, Your account will be automatically locked. You need to contact support to get your password unlocked. Please use the Contact Us form.
Which web browers and browser versions do you support?
Your current browser and version is
        Browser Name : Unknown
        Browser Version : 0.0

We have tested this website using the following browsers and versions:
            Mozilla Firefox 26.0         Google Chrome version 31.0         Apple Safari for Windows version 5.1         Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10.0         iPad/iPhone IOS 7 with Safari/8536 (video playback not supported)         Opera 18.0         Safari 7 on Mac OS X 10.9.1 Maverick

This does not mean the site will not work with other devices, web browsers or earlier/later versions or the browser. For a better user experience we would recommend you to use the above browsers and versions.
How do I upload videos in the Observatory?
Once in the Observatory, select the 'Upload/Suggest Video' button. You can then follow the instructions to upload your own video or suggest an existing video from You Tube.
How do I contact support?
You can contact the Practisin2Play Helpdesk via About > Contact Us
How do I update my profile?
Go to ‘My profile >> Personal Information”, fill out the form and click update.