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Do the things you’re learning really add to your ability to express yourself?

Hi, welcome to Practisin2Play.

I thought long and hard about how I could give dedicated students the tools to improve themselves, wherever they were in their musical life. It can be really tough to keep motivated and stay focused especially in these days of quick fixes where we can easily find ourselves surfing the Internet for hours. And then we can make a habit of circling those quick fixes which, more often than not, just takes us back to square one. I wanted to create a new learning and practicing experience that avoided this cyclical waste of time.

Practisin2play is an online community of like-minded musicians. This site is about forming a positive relationship to learning. What’s more, it’s an individual relationship. It’s about having the confidence to use the material in your own way, to develop a personal voice and to allow oneself the time to fully explore these concepts in a relaxed, unhurried way. If we take a step back and look closely at what happens when we’re trying to learn we might see the many obstacles that invariably prevent us from getting to our destination. For instance, being impatient, too eager or having unrealistic goals, trying to draw from too many concepts running at the same time.

So the question is, how do the things that you’re learning add to your ability to express yourself? For me, it’s very important to absorb the information so that it becomes natural, organic, flowing and unforced, to be engaged with the material. Adding more and more information doesn’t necessarily make you a better musician. To express yourself with what you have been practicing takes time. In order to use it, to really express yourself with it, you have to practice it, and you have to stay with that practice until you feel it making a difference.

Practisin2Play directly links your practice to your expressive voice.


Pete Toopee