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Practisin2Play contains some of the best guitar lessons available. It is the only system of online guitar lessons that clearly connects the elements of strong musicianship. Check out the 'What Is It?' and 'How To Use It?' videos to discover how to best use the site.

Develop your guitar playing under the guidance of Mike Walker

Core Houses

Foundation House

Don't underestimate the value of your foundations. Know them well. Learn to enjoy them. Many people want to understand why great players sound the way they do. The answer lies in solid foundations. Firm up your foundations now, and save time in the long run.
6 Rooms | 42 Lessons | 78 Videos | 77 Transcriptions

The Fret Boardroom

We need to know our fretboard really well. The notes on the fretboard should be second nature. These lessons aim at solidifying our knowledge of the fretboard so that note recognition is instant and scale location is a breeze.
2 Lessons | 2 Videos | 2 Transcriptions

Theory Room

These Lessons will discuss theory from the humble major scale through to intervals, triads, 7th chords, chord extensions, modes in major and minor harmony and much more beyond. Most importantly this vital information will be connected to the fretboard and we'll talk a lot about how we can express ourselves with it.
6 Lessons | 17 Videos | 17 Transcriptions

Triad Room

All the lessons in this room are aimed at developing your knowledge of triads and how they can enrich your chordal and soloing knowledge. Triads are such a strong force in Jazz, Country, Rock, and Blues music. These lessons will ensure you get to know your triads thoroughly.
15 Lessons | 20 Videos | 20 Transcriptions

Chord Tone Zone

Chord Tones are important for making smooth connections from chord to chord when soloing or comping (accompanying). This can be quite a challenge but it's worth your perseverance. Your soloing will sound stronger and more melodic if you work hard in the Chord Tone Zone.
6 Lessons | 19 Videos | 19 Transcriptions

Rhythm room

Understanding rhythm is one of the most important lessons. It's a lesson I'm still learning. This room discusses all aspects of rhythm - soloing, comping, independence, relaxation, connecting the body and the rhythm you're playing. It's not good enough to play tough stuff. Tough stuff still has to groove.
2 Lessons | 2 Videos | 1 Transcriptions

Scale Trails

When we learn scales, we need to learn them in position, in all keys and all fingerings. Then we need to connect them up the fretboard. I refer to these connections as 'Scale Trails'. You'll form a deep relationship to your fretboard if you get serious with the lessons in Scale Trails.
11 Lessons | 18 Videos | 18 Transcriptions


Pentatonics are important for reasons that are often overlooked. For instance, they force you to leave out certain note qualities that allow you to ‘hone in’ on the individual character of each note. Everything from simple blues to more tricky terrain like Giant Steps will be explored in the Penthouse.
3 Rooms | 6 Lessons | 12 Videos | 12 Transcriptions

Basic Pent Tent

Let's get deeper into the basic forms of both Major and Minor Pentatonic scales. We'll learn how to connect these basic forms in ways that allow us more freedom when using them in improvisation. sliding and bending through the forms creates a feeling of fluidity and a deeper connection with this humble scale.
3 Lessons | 7 Videos | 7 Transcriptions

The Pent Compound

This room discusses the various ways of Combining Pentatonics. Pentatonic scales can work together to form larger areas for improvisation. For instance Amin, Emin and Bmin Pentatonic can work as a team. Check out the Minor Pentrinity to get started and see how it works . . .
2 Lessons | 3 Videos | 3 Transcriptions

Standard Time

This is where we can discuss the many uses of Pentatonics within standard tunes from many genres including Jazz, Blues, Jazz Rock, Funk, etc.
1 Lessons | 2 Videos | 2 Transcriptions

Mode Abode

The Mode Abode is a place to explore many moods of modes, both as a way to navigate the changes and to give a true sound to more static chord progressions. We'll explore the modes of the Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor and Harmonic Major scales. You'll learn how to name them and how to use them in many situations.
2 Rooms | 13 Lessons | 17 Videos | 17 Transcriptions

Major Scale Modes Room

Let's nail these modes once and for all! You'll learn how to morph one mode into another by honing in on each degree. You'll also get a handle on Arpeggiodes, which are a great tool for getting into the true sound of chords within progressions. Let's take away the mystery of modes.
12 Lessons | 15 Videos | 15 Transcriptions

Melodic Minor Modes Room

Exploring The Modes of Melodic Minor - Coming Soon . . .
1 Lessons | 2 Videos | 2 Transcriptions

House of Chords

The House of Chords will deal with chords and the many different ways to build them. We'll look at chord scales, triads, intervals as chords, voice leading, chord soloing and choosing the appropriate chordal accompaniment in a variety of situations.
4 Rooms | 8 Lessons | 19 Videos | 19 Transcriptions

Chord basics room

This room explores basic 7th chords in great detail. It also discusses the importance of knowing the notes within chords. Seeing a chord as though it's embedded in its surrounding scale helps tremendously with your chordal understanding.
3 Lessons | 5 Videos | 5 Transcriptions

Chordal Scale Trails room

You'll learn about diatonic chord scales in this room and I'll introduce you to a neat exercise that gets you to learn many voicings for the same chord. You'll also learn how to group voicings together which helps chordal soloing immensely.
3 Lessons | 10 Videos | 10 Transcriptions

Chordal Tapestry room

A Chordal Tapestry is a method for mapping one chord voicing throughout the entire neck. It's a very powerful tool. Go through these lessons with great care. Keep a keen eye on where the chord tones lie within each voicing.
1 Lessons | 2 Videos | 2 Transcriptions

Voice leading room

We'll take the Chord Chains a step further in this room by adding related chords to them to form common progressions. We can then voice lead (connecting chords as smoothly as possible) through these progressions to get our ears used to strong chordal connection.
1 Lessons | 2 Videos | 2 Transcriptions

Chrome Attic

The Chrome Attic focuses on improvisation using chromatics in various ways. Scales, intervals, triads and arpeggios take on a freshly woven, more intricately knitted sound when purposefully peppered with chromatics.
3 Rooms | 10 Lessons | 24 Videos | 24 Transcriptions

Target Practice

This room focuses on neighbour tones both scalic and chromatic and how they can combine with target tones. Target tones are notes from the scale or chord and the neighbour tones serve to embellish them. Much can be explored from this . . .
8 Lessons | 22 Videos | 22 Transcriptions

The Bop shop

We'll look at all aspects of Be Bop in this room. We'll check out the use of arpeggios in Bop and how just adding a little rhythm can give them a Bop twist, as well as using chromatics, enclosures, syncopation, and other common devices.
1 Lessons | 1 Videos | 1 Transcriptions

Standard Time with the Neighbours

This is where we have some fun with the concepts learned in the Chrome Attic. Applying enclosures, syncopation, rhythm, etc, will ensure you are able to absorb and use these concepts in real life musical situations.
1 Lessons | 1 Videos | 1 Transcriptions

Drills and Tools

Drill House

The Drill House is a place where we can practice and play together, and so, secure the information in the heart, the head and on the fret board. Scales, arpeggios, chords, rhythms, etc, will be drilled until they are second nature. All drills are linked to lessons in other houses.
10 Rooms | 65 Lessons | 213 Videos | 162 Transcriptions

Triad Drill Room

We'll put the lessons into action in real time in The Triad Drill Room. Make sure you get the exercises down with a focus on time feel and general groove. Speed without groove is a picture half painted.
12 Lessons | 33 Videos | 33 Transcriptions

Rhythm Drill Room

Drill the rhythms taken from the lessons along with me. Some of these are a little tricky if you're not used to this kind of practice. Don't forget to apply these rhythms to the tunes from your own musical preferences.
2 Lessons | 17 Videos | 17 Transcriptions

Mode Drill Room

Working with the modes to REALLY hear and understand them so that they can be used freely.
18 Lessons | 35 Videos | 11 Transcriptions

Pent Drill Room

Let's put the five notes of Major and Minor Pentatonic through a series of exercises that embed them into our musical heart.
4 Lessons | 15 Videos | 11 Transcriptions

Fretboard Drill Room

Make sure you know these drills well. Don't cut corners in knowing the notes on the guitar. Everything changes when you know the notes. These drills open up the fretboard for you. When the fretboard opens its doors to you, then all your music suddenly has context, and the potential to see new things is greatly expanded.
1 Lessons | 2 Videos

Chrome Attic Drill Room

Let's really get friendly with the neighbour (tones!). Absorb these exercises. Don't be tempted to move on too quickly from them. Playing them through once is not absorbing them. They're not licks. They're concepts to be absorbed.
6 Lessons | 32 Videos | 31 Transcriptions

Chord Drill Room

Get the chords down with some fluency. Practice along with me. Aim for good sound with an even attack. I also practice making the top not louder. Try it . . .
6 Lessons | 15 Videos | 9 Transcriptions

Chord Tone Drill Room

Let's really drill these chord tones so they're second nature. Play along with me over and over. Then apply them to tunes and exercises of your own. Use them in your music.
5 Lessons | 17 Videos | 17 Transcriptions

Scale Drill Room

Know your Scales. Drill them here with me. Stay relaxed. Make them groove. Know your Scales.
7 Lessons | 26 Videos | 23 Transcriptions

Theory Drill Room

A friendly place to apply theory practically so that we can understand it in action.
4 Lessons | 21 Videos | 10 Transcriptions

Tool Shed

Practice all the concepts with original backing tracks for various harmonies and deep grooves in the Tool Shed. It is also a handy place to practice with two essential pieces of kit - a metronome and tuner.
3 Rooms | 9 Lessons | 18 Videos | 6 Transcriptions

Backing Tracks

These original backing tracks can only be found in Practisin2Play. They all have deep grooves and specific harmonies that can be used as a platform to develop concepts learned throughout the village. You can also check out Mike improvising with these backing tracks in the Play House. Enjoy!
9 Lessons | 18 Videos | 6 Transcriptions

Homer the Metronome

Welcome to Homer the Metronome. There are many crucial benefits in practising with a metronome. We have designed this metronome to be musical, flexible and user friendly. There are three tones for beats - orange, green and blue. (All beats set to orange tone in 4/4 100bpm to start). Any beat can change from the orange tone to green tone for accents. Beat 1 can also change to the blue tone so that the first beat of the bar can stand out. The remaining c...

The listening Space

Take the time to tune up!

Other Houses

Play House

All lessons and drills are put into context in the Play House. Mike improvises with backing tracks from the Tool Shed to demonstrate the concepts in a practical setting.
1 Rooms | 1 Lessons | 9 Videos | 5 Transcriptions

Demo Room

Let's breathe some life into some of the examples and exercises. Loads of improvisation here. Good to compare takes of the same tune to really get an understanding of the variations on the given ideas.
1 Lessons | 9 Videos | 5 Transcriptions

Solo Studio

In the Solo Studio Mike will play classic solos from a range of artists. He'll play them at different tempos and will be discussing/deconstructing the finer points and generally waxing lyrical about what makes these solos special. Each solo will include demonstrations at full tempo and slower tempo, backing tracks at full tempo and slower tempo, videos of analysis and a full transcription.
1 Rooms | 1 Lessons | 7 Videos | 2 Transcriptions

Classic Solos Room

Classic Solos Room
1 Lessons | 7 Videos | 2 Transcriptions

Song Library

The Song Library is filled with standard and contemporary tunes providing fertile ground on which to apply and develop the concepts discussed throughout the village. New titles are regularly added to the shelves so keep checking in for fresh inspiration.
5 Rooms | 5 Lessons | 74 Transcriptions

Jazz Standards

A selection of tunes from the standard repertoire - a great place to develop all aspects improvisation.
1 Lessons | 46 Transcriptions

Contemporary Jazz Standards

More recent additions to the standards repertoire. In this room you'll find fantastic modern music from composers including John Scofield, Dave Holland, Kenny Wheeler and Paul Motion.
1 Lessons | 19 Transcriptions


Brazilian music has a unique rhythmic, melodic and harmonic beauty. A rich, inspirational environment for composition and improvisation. In this room we're including some of our favourites.
1 Lessons | 4 Transcriptions

Jazz Rock

The room deals with rock and funk influenced compositions from great contemporary artists such as Steely Dan.
1 Lessons | 4 Transcriptions

Blues Room

Blues! An incredibly important part of modern music that has countless layers to explore. We'll include some of our favourite Blues compositions in this room. You can further develop improvisation concepts with Blues backing tracks in the Tool Shed and improvisations from Mike in the Play House . . .
1 Lessons | 1 Transcriptions


In the Observatory, members can share their own videos and view them alongside recommended videos from YouTube for inspiration. Simply upload your video (this can be your own improvisations, exercises, discoveries and questions) or suggest an existing video from You Tube. Mike and other members can then offer support and suggestions and videos can be discussed and shared amongst the P2P community.

Rest or Rant

This is the place to ask questions about P2P or music in general, to find support and share ideas and inspiration. Come inside and get involved, or check out what other members are discussing . . .